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5 Essential Fashion Tips for Men

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Change is constant, so is fashion. Each season brings a new must have clothing stuffs or things you should avoid, and they will eventually change again the next season. However, here are some of the looks that never go out of style, and are timeless.

Fashion Tips

  1. Black Leather Dress Shoes

These are classy and elegant. They are the perfect accessory that can be used for a for formal fashion look, or for dressy social and ceremonial situations on the go footwear. As a matter of fact, the black dress shoe is considered as the mainstay of men’s formal footwear for ages as well as it continues to be very popular in contemporary fashion, which is why it’s very clear that this black dress shoe fashion is certainly here to stay. The style tips for men for wearing the black dress shoe include ensuring to match the leather shoe to your other leather accessories as well as keeping your shoes presentable by making sure that it is polished every time you use it. 

  1. White Dress Shirts

A white dress shirt is considered as a staple of any wardrobe. Clean, fresh looking and simple, a plain white dress shirt will always look stylish and sophisticated, no matter what it is paired with. In addition to that, white dress shirts also go well with any color combination as well as suit fabric. Aside from that, they’re also considered as one of the most versatile items for fashion, and for this very reason, white dress shirts remain as one of the most popular. Therefore, make sure that you have a stiff collar whenever you wear a white dress shirt. This is because a drooping collar always stands out in white fabric. 

  1. Navy Suits

As a matter of fact, navy suits have always been the most favorite color for alternative suit for ages, and in fact, the trend of this stylish navy suit actually shows no signs of fading. Grey, black as well as brown suits have actually long been considered as the more traditional color for suits, but navy suits are considered as the most important suits you will ever need to own since they persist as the stylish family to these more conventional suit colors. Since navy blue is a rich color, the navy colored suit has the benefit of always looking fashion forward and sharp. For better fit, you can also opt for navy custom made suits in Columbus. 

  1. Leather Belts

A leather belt is considered as another accessory that has already demonstrated their longevity in the fashion world of men. The leather belt’s structured look against the suit’s fabric looks very refined. However, as mentioned earlier, you must always match the accessories of your leather. Never mix brown brogues with a black leather belt. It will only result to a mismatched and shabby look.  

  1. Well-Fitted Clothes

Well-fitting clothes are the most important ones and you should make sure that your wardrobe has it. The fit of your clothing is certainly a big part of dressing, which is why you should also be extra careful when buying clothes. Whenever necessary, have it customized. 



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