Clever Tips to Clean Your Carpets

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Carpets are dear to us, the feel of them is almost synonymous with the comfort we can only find at home. Carpets also provide an extra aesthetic appeal to our interiors, adding colors, textures, that either warm or soothes our vision.

As carpets provide constant service to us, they also need regular maintenance from us. Carpet’s longevity and its retainment of quality depend on how well and how often we maintain it. Carpets always receive dirt from our feet or shoes, stains from drink and food, and from several other sources. If you are fairly new on the task of cleaning your carpets, you can contact for carpet cleaning help, or you can read this article to know the clever tips on cleaning your carpets.


1. Blotting Method

When your carpets receive stains from food, like the sauce for spaghetti, the blotting method can help you remove it. What you will need in this method is a soap solution, a little bit of water and two pieces of clean cloth or sponge.

To do this, pour small amounts of water and soap solution directly to the area of the stain. After this, blot the stain from the outside going in using one of the clean cloth. The keyword here is ‘blot,’ do not rub the stain because you will put pressure on the stain and it will only get deeper.

2. Club Soda Method

This time, if you have stains from beverages like juice, wine, and beer, the club soda method is the way to do. What you will need in this method is the club soda poured into the sprayer, a sponge, hot water and dry towel; if you think that the stain is tougher than the club soda alone, you can add one part of vinegar and water into the sprayer.

Spray considerable amounts of the solution into the stain, and then let it soak up for about 15 minutes. After the time, gently press the sponge into the area of the stain, the sponge will both absorb the club soda and the stain. Repeat the process until all of the stains is completely absorbed.

After the stain has gone, the next thing to do is pour small amounts of hot water to the spot; this removes any lingering odor. Then dry up the spot by putting the dry towel on top of it; put something heavy on this and leave this be for several hours for the towel to absorb the moisture.

3. Shaving Cream Method

Another clever way of cleaning stains is by through the shaving cream method. This method is fairly effective in removing stains that are both from food and beverages. What you will need in this approach is shaving cream, little amounts of hot water and vinegar, and two dry clothes.

Just apply the shaving cream into the stained area, and let it set for about half an hour. After this time, simply wipe it away with one of the dry clothes. Spray the small amounts of hot water and vinegar into the area, and finish it off by drying with the other piece of dry cloth.

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